Mobile upgraded with neonatal patients in mind

Fujifilm engineer Michael Wade, lead general radiographer Andrea Hulme, paediatric radiographer Sam Ruderham, Fujifilm senior account manager John Casson and applications specialist Alex Worsley.

Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital’s radiology department was looking for a cost-effective option when upgrading its CR mobile and has chosen a solution from Fujifilm that offers flexibility.

“Image quality was a key factor in choosing Fujifilm,” said lead general radiographer Andrea Hulme.  “The Go Flex was primarily envisaged to be used on our newborn intensive care unit where the dimensions of the detector plate were an influencing factor.  We needed a plate that would sit comfortably within the incubator/ incubator tray and also comply with the trust’s infection control policy.

“The infection control and water resistance features of the D-Evo II detector were important to us and we were also aware that Fujifilm products have been used successfully in other paediatric centres, which was reassuring.   In addition, we felt Fujifilm offered value for money with cutting edge technology.”

See the full report on page 20 of the March 2017 issue of RAD Magazine.

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