Mochdre vets to image Chester Zoo’s exotic animals with latest CT system

As diagnostic imaging becomes more community-based, specialist in mobile diagnostic healthcare WH Bence points out that the same is true for the veterinary market. “With the challenges of space across the UK and finding suitable power supplies to run diagnostic imaging, many customers are turning to existing industrial sites to help provide power and space,” the company says.

Mochdre Veterinary Practice, which serves the majority of the Llandudno area in Wales, has invested in one of the latest CT systems to provide a range of imaging services, not only to household pets but also to a variety of exotic animals from Chester Zoo.

In April 2023, a specially designed relocatable solution was manufactured by WH Bence to suit an existing industrial building. The challenge was to be able to manoeuvre the relocatable system in through an existing doorway, providing a plug-and-play CT service. The delivery included specialist transportation and craneage in order to move the relocatable equipment into position.

The integration of this state-of-the-art CT system in the relocatable unit from WH Bence gives Mochdre Veterinary Practice the chance to offer a wider variety of services to its customer base and provide these imaging services more quickly, as previously animals would have to travel up to 60 miles for a scan.

“Having the CT in a modular unit solved a lot of problems at the time and in the future,” commented veterinary surgeon and director Sarah Holmes.

“We were given the opportunity to make more of the unit but we are happy with the basic components and are still thrilled with it.”

Lead picture: Abigail Nail and Sarah Holmes at Mochdre Veterinary Practice.

See the full report on page 22 of the October 2023 issue of RAD Magazine.

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