More compassionate patient care

Hologic breast health sales specialist John McMahon, breast service manager Sue Milner, imaging manager Corey Frazer, senior mammographer Diane Medley and breast care nurse Alison Bailey.

The Breast Health Centre at King Edward VII’s Hospital in London is one of the hospital’s centres of excellence providing, a full breast care service for patients worried about their breast health or needing treatment for cancer.

The centre has invested in a Hologic 3D Imaging and Biopsy suite comprising 3D Mammography equipment including SecurView Workstation with C-View software, Affirm tomosynthesis breast biopsy guidance system and ATEC with Eviva vacuum assisted breast biopsy system.  All x-ray guided biopsies are now performed in the new facility using tomosynthesis.

See the full report on the front page of the August 2016 issue of RAD Magazine.

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