More Rothband robots for trust

Leighan Beesley and Jason Howard of Pennine Acute Trust with Andrew Jennings of Rothband.


North Manchester General Hospital and Fairfield Hospital Bury have taken delivery of two new Etiam Mars Dicom CD/DVD burning systems from Rothband, to add to the unit already installed at Rochdale Infirmary.


The new systems enable the trust to produce printed, Dicom CDs as a one-step process.


Several workflows can be employed to facilitate the production of, for example, encrypted discs, anonymised discs and multi-patient discs.


The Mars system can be configured also to query and retrieve from the PACS server, and the web access function allows discs to be compiled from any PC on the network.


The encryption workflow produces password protected, encrypted discs, each with a unique password. The retrieval of previously issued passwords is a user-friendly process.


The trust is also employing the robots as part of its business continuity plan. This means users no longer need to rely upon film printers – with expensive service contracts – to provide images in the event of PACS or network failure.


See the full report on page 3 of the July 2010 issue of RAD Magazine.

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