MRI safety training course returns to London

Dr Emanuel Kanal’s MR Medical Director/MR Safety Officer (MRMD/MRSO) safety training course made its return to London in June, marking its third visit to the UK. Aimed at radiologists and radiographers, 200 delegates signed up for the three-day course at the Millennium Gloucester Hotel in South Kensington.

Dr Kanal provided a comprehensive understanding of the distinct energies used in MRI and how they may impact on safety. MRI professionals learned how to mitigate the risks of the radio frequency, static and gradient magnetic fields to empower them to navigate potential risks.

The safety checklist advocated by Dr Kanal offers a tool for a methodical, standardised approach to scanning patients with devices, implants and foreign bodies. The ‘Kanal method’ for using a systems approach to safety is intended to enable clinical decision making by teaching the steps that can be undertaken to effectively mitigate risks to a clinically acceptable level. Using the safety checklist helps to instil confidence in the decision-making process when scanning.

The course reflects a belief by many working in the field of MRI that introducing standardised safety education and practices within MRI units will benefit not only patients accessing MRI services but anyone who works in or visits these departments.

As well as professionals from the UK and Ireland, the event brought together delegates from New Zealand, Israel, Hungary, Finland, Norway, Belgium, Sweden, Switzerland and Portugal, helping foster connections among colleagues and industry professionals.

Barbara Nugent and Dr Kanal.
Barbara Nugent and Dr Emanuel Kanal.

Event organiser Barbara Nugent said: “At MRI Safety Matters, our mission is to disseminate MRI education and foster collaboration among MRI professionals. Through our training initiatives, we provide opportunities to learn from leading experts and engage with peers.

“Our overarching goal is to emphasise the necessity of standardising MRI safety education and advocate for MRI staff to possess a minimum standard of safety knowledge.”

Sponsors of the event were AGITO Medical, Esaote, Guerbet, Synapse Medical, Kopp Development, Probo Medical, Metrasens, Bayer Radiology, Wardray Premise and Siemens Healthineers, whose dedication to enhan-cing patient care through supporting educational events make them invaluable contributors to the industry.

The fourth European MRMD/MRSO course presented by Dr Kanal will return to London next year.

Lead picture: Two hundred delegates signed up for the course.

Published on page 16 of the August 2023 issue of RAD Magazine.

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