No problem with technology upgrade

Philips CT product specialist John Goodfellow and regional sales specialist Steve Oliver join consultant radiologist Dr Chee Yeong, CT senior radiographer Karen Martin and lead clinical specialist radiographer in CT Stuart Clark.


Warrington and Halton Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust has replaced its 16-slice system with a Philips Brilliance 64-slice scanner.  It is installed at Halton General Hospital.


Stuart Clark, lead clinical specialist radiographer in CT, said: “The new scanner has certainly helped with efficiencies.   We can scan approximately an extra five patients daily and this increased capacity has pleased patients, staff and management, as the wait for a scan is somewhat reduced.” 


The Brilliance 64-slice is one of the most advanced CT systems available, expanding clinical boundaries in cardiac, pulmonary, trauma and paediatric imaging.  Stuart explained: “We chose it for its intuitive ease-of-use.  We had some trepidation about taking the next step up the technological ladder, but thankfully, it all went well.”


See the full report on page 11 of the October 2009 issue of RAD Magazine.

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