North Manchester General looks to the future of IR with C-arm choice

North Manchester General Hospital has selected an Alphenix Sky ceiling-mounted C-arm interventional system to replace an incumbent system and to steer non-vascular services into the future.

The Alphenix Sky from Canon Medical Systems UK gives the interventional team flexibility of movement and positioning during examinations with 270° unrestricted access around the patient and 201cm full patient coverage without needing to move the patient or the table. Its dose tracking system will provide enhanced dose awareness by estimating skin dose in real time and displaying it as a 3D colour map on a patient graphic. This helps imaging teams exclude regions of previous high exposure.

“We are delighted with the Alphenix Sky; it has broadened the procedures we can do, helped speed up patient throughput and provides much better image quality than we had been used to,” stated interventional radiology and fluoroscopy manager Helena Hill.

Interventional x-ray and HIT modality manager Daniel Parr added: “Looking to the future of interventional imaging equipment replacement isn’t only about selecting a system that meets the needs of today, but about thinking ahead to ensure you can evolve with the changing needs of a department and patient cohort.”

Picture: Senior radiographer Jordan Niblock, staff nurse Bashir Siddiqi, Canon Medical Systems UK clinical product and applications specialist VL/XR Andy Mayes, interventional radiology and fluoroscopy manager Helena Hill and Epiphania Muranda.

Published on page 24 of the September 2021 issue of RAD Magazine.

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