OIS rewarded for its marketing efforts during a challenging year

Last year brought a unique set of challenges and opportunities to businesses worldwide and, in recognition of the struggles many of its global partners worked to overcome, Beekley Medical created an award for global marketer of the year. Oncology Imaging Systems (OIS) has been named one of two recipients.

The criteria for the award was to realise results through creative marketing via new business related to the Beekley Medical portfolio. OIS has been a global partner representing the UK for more than 20 years. Business manager Jess Fuller explained: “We conduct a lot of face-to-face business, so we had to make some changes. It was great to see how quickly our team adapted to conducting meetings and product demonstrations virtually via Microsoft Teams.

“We stepped up our online presence, use of social media channels and linked Beekley into a new and fun ‘thank you’ campaign to our frontline workers here in the UK. We came up with a strategy of increased social content, combining product features and company news, ensuring we stayed relevant to current events and industry trends.” For the ‘thank you’ campaign OIS included a card and gift in customer orders to thank frontline workers for their hard work during the pandemic.

OIS emphasised the benefits of single use products such as R&L-SPOT x-ray markers for documenting body orientation. It put together videos of customer experiences with the Beekley Skin Marking System for Mammography and GuideLines CT biopsy grid.

“We are always happy to promote Beekley Medical as we strongly believe in the benefits and quality of the products,” continued Fuller. “Some of the benefits are simplicity and cleanliness, designed for single patient use. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we observed an increasing interest in disposable, hygienic alternatives.”

Picture: OIS managing director Steve Imber.

Published on page 20 of the July 2021 issue of RAD Magazine.

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