Open MRI scanner and AI-powered ultrasound machine to equip London walk-in clinic

VisitHealth has launched a flagship private clinic in west London, housing a team of specialist clinicians and equipped with advanced medical imaging and diagnostic technologies.

The service has been designed to deliver confidential, convenient and personalised care. Patients can walk into the clinic to receive a clinical assessment, after which they can proceed to testing or same-day treatment. The clinic, which offers a full range of primary and outpatient services, is now open seven days a week, 12 hours a day (extending to 24 hours from early 2024).

As a Fujifilm Healthcare UK reference site, the VisitHealth clinic has procured several advanced medical technologies, including what is said to be the most powerful open MRI machine, the Oasis Velocity, with a 1.2T magnetic field and faster scanning. The clinic has also chosen the Arietta 850 ultrasound system with DeepInsight, an FDR nano mobile x-ray system, the FDR Xair portable x-ray system and the Eluxeo endoscopy machine.

Oasis Velocity
The Oasis Velocity open MRI system from Fujifilm.

“Our skilled team is fully equipped to deliver a personalised model of care, premised on eliminating wait times and offering a viable same-day service that spans an unprecedented range of treatments and specialities,” said VisitHealth medical director Dr John Quinn.

The clinic’s portable x-ray, ECG and ultrasound technologies enable it to operate a comprehensive mobile diagnostic and treatment service.

Fujifilm Healthcare UK general manager Allan Elborn added: “By providing their patients with rapid, convenient access to this sophisticated technology, VisitHealth is clearly building a healthcare solution that is tailored to patient needs, right now and also in the future.”

Lead picture: The VisitHealth team.

Published on page 8 of the November 2023 issue of RAD Magazine.

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