Optivantage at Guildford Nuffield

Pictured (from left) are MR/CT superintendent Arek Grzelak, senior radiographer Kirsty Popplestone, consultant radiologist Dr Woodruff-Walker and head of imaging Lesley Honeyfield.


The Optivantage DH CT injector features the industry’s only fully-programmable powerhead, allowing operators to stay with their patients throughout injector preparation – providing enhanced ease of use, convenience, speed and patient-side safety.  It has a touch screen on the power head for patient side programming and control and a dual head for injection with saline.


Guildford Nuffield Clinic’s head of imaging Lesley Honeyfield reports: “It is so easy to operate and that, combined with the use of Optiray prefilled syringes, has made the contrast media administration so much easier.” 


See this report on page 32 of the January 2010 issue of RAD Magazine.

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