OSL to supply plastic scintillation quality assurance equipment in UK and Ireland

Oncology Systems Limited (OSL), an independent provider of radiotherapy medical equipment and software, has entered into a distribution agreement with Medscint, which provides quality assurance dosimetry solutions for cancer radiation therapy. Under the agreement, OSL will market and sell Medscint Hyperscint
solutions for research use to academic institutions, the NHS and private hospitals in the UK and Ireland.

Hyperscint real-time dose measurement detectors for dosimetry of small fields, MR-linac and FLASH-RT have a number of features, including: fast real-time dose measurements at multiple locations simultaneously; water-equivalence to improve measurement accuracy without the need for correction factors; miniature sensitive volume (down to 0.1mm³) providing sharp spatial resolution; linear response over a wide range of dose rates; and metal-free detector design, eliminating artefacts when used in high strength magnetic fields.

“Plastic scintillation detectors have been proven to deliver outstanding performance and Medscint shares our values for quality and cutting-edge solutions,” commented OSL managing director Alice Pavey.

Medscint co-founder and chief marketing officer Jonathan Turcotte added: “We help medical physicists understand, develop and deploy modern radiation therapy techniques by providing a new generation of versatile optical dosimetry solutions.”

Picture: Hyperscint detectors provide real-time dose measurement.

Published on page 3 of the September 2023 issue of RAD Magazine.

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