Overhead arm support is now MR safe

Adept Medical has improved its Overhead Arm Support, removing metallic components so that it can be used during MRI examinations. The Overhead Arm Support is designed to comfortably support the patient’s arms while eliminating extreme shoulder flexion. It allows for abdominal access and removes unwanted artefacts when imaging with MR, C-arm or CT machines.

The support has been designed for use with existing lab and imaging equipment, fits within the bore of a 70cm CT and MRI centre and can be used with any C-arm imaging centre. Its wing design can support one or both arms and will accommodate a wide range of patient sizes.

Overhead arm support

“We had compelling interest from clinical teams and distributors to adapt this product for the MR application. With the same procedural requirements as C-arm and CT imaging it seemed like a logical progression for the product,” said product development manager Matt Lazenby. “Our challenge has been removing all metal from the product and maintaining the same level of functionality.”

Soft, pliable, latex-free polyurethane straps may be used for additional patient safety and comfort. The straps are easily installed and adjusted to loosely contain the patient’s arm. Two strap mount locations for each arm ensure that the arms are fully supported, reducing the risk of arm displacement and aiding patient assurance and comfort.

Published on page 3 of the May 2021 issue of RAD Magazine.

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