Philips unveils command centre vision for NHS radiology screening

Philips UKI has launched a report outlining a new vision for radiology screening that aims to support the NHS’s digital transformation ambitions. As the UK and Ireland are dealing with managing long-term COVID-19 issues, radiology departments are confronted with an ageing population with increasing co-morbidities, a challenging workforce crisis, significant patient backlogs and increased pressures on imaging services, says Philips.

The white paper outlines details of Philips’ Radiology Operations Command Centre (ROCC) solution, a model for imaging that eases pressure on acute hospitals while enhancing senior specialist support for radiology teams. The vendor-neutral, multi-modality radiology operations command centre means that irrespective of the imaging equipment used in acute settings, departments can adopt a ‘hub and spoke’ model for imaging using existing technology.

ROCC connects a pool of imaging experts at a central command centre with radiographers and onsite staff in hospital locations to provide real-time collaboration and support. This is expected to enable extended patient access to complex procedures and speciality sub-services, with additional senior specialist support; more flexible service hours including nights and weekends; and reduced recalls and repeat scans due to improved image quality and more expertise.

“ROCC’s tele-augmentation of available expertise and resources helps strengthen radiology networks and improves the quality and delivery of services in the short and long term,” Philips says. “The remote expert will allow radiography staff to perform scans with more confidence, speed and quality.”

Picture: Philips’ Radiology Operations Command Centre connects imaging experts with radiographers in hospital locations.

Published on page 3 of the November 2021 issue of RAD Magazine.

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