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Staff at Queen Alexandra Hospital celebrate the installation of a Somatom Definition AS+ Dual Source CT scanner from Siemens Healthcare.  From left are senior radiographer Paul Millard, clinical director Dr Simon Ward, senior radiographer Julie Hele, clinical CT and MRI manager Nicky Wragg, Siemens regional sales manager Jane Schwieso, senior radiographer Lynne Watts and senior radiographer Dawn Waters.


The opening of the new Queen Alexandra Hospital, part of Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust, involved the merging of several services from hospitals across Portsmouth. 


During the move, the transfer of a Magnetom Symphony MRI and two Somatom Sensation CT scanners from St Mary’s Hospital took place with the help of Siemens Healthcare.


In addition, a Somatom Definition AS+ Dual Source CT scanner from Siemens was also installed to carry out cardiac scans for the first time. 


An equipment transfer project was implemented to ensure the process ran smoothly.  Each of the system’s moves was staggered, one after the other, and delivered over a number of weeks.


“The whole move went smoothly,” reports Nicky Wragg, clinical CT and MRI manager at Queen Alexandra Hospital. 


See the full report on page 24 of the July 2010 issue of RAD Magazine.

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