Prone biospy table assists work-up

Seated are consultant radiologist Dr Catherine Glynn and consultant radiologist and clinical lead Dr Aideen Larke.  Behind are Michael Leonard of Hospital Services Limited, radiographers Liya Phiri, Lucie Barry, Preetha Gopinathan and deputy radiology services manager Mary Fitzgerald.

The BreastCheck Western Unit in Galway has installed the latest Hologic Affirm prone biopsy table, having received three Selenia Dimensions 8000 mammography systems from Hospital Services Limited around two years ago.  The mammography systems are said to have been a great success, utilising advanced features such as tomography, C-View synthesised 2D images and tomo biopsy.

Consultant radiologist Dr Catherine Glynn said: “We have recently installed the Affirm prone biopsy table as a replacement for our previous prone table.  The facility of tomosynthesis for prone biopsies and also the lateral arm facility on the prone table are very useful additions to the unit and will improve our ability to work-up and biopsy lesions such as, for example, calcifications in very thin breasts, which previously would have been more challenging to biopsy stereotactically.  The layout and technical features of the table are user-friendly and straightforward.”

See the full report on page 11 of the November 2017 issue of RAD Magazine.

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