Proton beam project reaches key stage as cyclotron arrives

University College London Hospital (UCLH) has received the 90-tonne cyclotron that will form the heart of its proton beam therapy (PBT) centre.  Having travelled 400 miles from Germany via Holland the machine was lowered into its specially constructed vault, a key milestone in the construction of the 11-storey facility.

The NHS has one of the most successful programmes to enable people to access PBT overseas, with over 1,200 patients treated since 2008.  Together with the DoH, NHS England is funding the development of world-class centres in Manchester and at UCLH for NHS patients to be treated in the UK.

As part of the NHS treatment programme, Emily Major made the journey to the USA to have treatment.  She said: “I had PBT back in 2015 to make sure that my cancers were completely removed.  Now I have regained my strength and enjoy an active life, working full-time.  It is really exciting seeing this new centre being built and it is great that it means people will be able to have PBT in London.”

See the full report on page 25 of the July 2018 issue of RAD Magazine.

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