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Photo of Philips UKI

Philips UKI

Address Philips Centre Guildford Business Park Guildford GU2 8XG Phone: 0845 601 1340 Website: www.philips.co.uk/healthcare
Categories: CT scanners, Digital radiography, Enterprise imaging, MR imaging, Ultrasound
Photo of Phoenix Dosimetry Limited

Phoenix Dosimetry Limited

Phone: (01252) 871990 Website: www.phoenix-dosimetry.co.uk
Categories: Dosimetry
Photo of Phoenix Turnkey Construction Limited

Phoenix Turnkey Construction Limited

Phone: (01604) 245444 Website: www.phoenixturnkey.co.uk
Categories: Pre-installation works
Photo of Public Health England

Public Health England

Address Personal Dosimetry Service Chilton Didcot OX11 0RQ Phone: (01235) 825240 Website: www.phe-protectionservices.org.uk/pds
Categories: Monitoring and managing radiation dose
Photo of Pukka-j Limited

Pukka-j Limited

Phone: (01380) 860044 Website: www.pukka-j.com
Categories: Image recording and PACS

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