Remote controlled C-arm at Liverpool Women’s

Senior radiographers Liz Read, Victoria Gibbons, Bernice Hesketh and Marjorie Humber with clinical imaging manager Colin Diment and Philips account manager Steve Oliver.


Liverpool Women’s Hospital has replaced an aged Philips R/F system with a Philips MultiDiagnost Eleva. The new system, used mainly for hysterosalpingograms and neonatal urology studies, comes with a wide range of packages to optimise its use and range of studies. 


A remote controlled C-arm R/F system, it offers diagnoses and interventions on the same system, which saves time for patients and supports a faster workflow.


Senior radiographer Victoria Gibbons explained: “We wanted a CR system with an image intensifier and Philips was able to offer this.   The system meets our specification and we are finding it easy to use with good access, particularly for neonates and emergency situations.”


See the full report on page 16 of the March 2011 issue of RAD Magazine.

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