S-Nerve ultrasound now for vascular surgery

Consultant vascular surgeon Simon Ashley with the SonoSite S-Nerve.


The Nuffield Health Hospital in Plymouth has chosen SonoSite’s S-Nerve point-of-care ultrasound system for applications in vascular surgery.


Consultant vascular surgeon Mr Simon Ashley said: “The S-Nerve has really transformed the quality of our imaging; the image is high resolution and has reduced the amount of time I need to spend scanning.


“It gives me increased confidence in delineating venous anatomy, enabling me to canulate smaller and smaller veins more easily.  It is a bit like going from an old black and white television to a state-of-the-art, high definition plasma.


“Ultrasound guidance is essential for any of the new venous procedures; my particular speciality is ultrasound-guided foam sclerotherapy, but I have also used ultrasound for endovenous ablation using VNUS ClosureFAST.”


See the full report on page 7 of the March 2011 issue of RAD Magazine.

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