Salford neuroradiologists test specialist software

Toshiba Medical Systems senior service engineer XR Marc Ivison, consultant interventional neuroradiologist Dr Hannah Stockley, superintendent radiographer Dhiren Patel, Toshiba account manager CT/MR/XR Graham King, senior neuroradiographer Rory Dedman and Toshiba head of technical support group Matthew Solomon.

Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust has purchased two Toshiba Infinix-i neuro-interventional labs.  The existing systems were over ten years old so the trust was looking to replace a biplane system used almost exclusively for complex neuro-interventional cases and a single plane system used as a neuro back-up and for other general interventional procedures.

Superintendent radiographer Dee Patel said: “The first thing that impressed us about the Toshiba equipment was the versatility of the multi-axis positioning capability of the C-arm on the Infinix-i system.  We have found lateral and vertical movements of the lateral arm on the biplane system to be extremely useful in neuro applications.  In addition, our neuro-interventionalists were impressed with the tableside controls, which give them access to the whole imaging system without leaving the patient.”

See the full report on page 20 of the October 2016 issue of RAD Magazine.

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