Salisbury’s DR is now smaller, faster and quieter

Radiographers Matt Southam and Julian Clayson, assistant practitioners Alli Penny and Jon Gray and Agfa HealthCare key account manager Ges Shilvock.

Agfa HealthCare has installed two DX-G digitisers and seven CR 30-X CR systems as part of a digital radiography update at Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust.  The digitisers support standard phosphor plates and needle-based detectors, providing state-of-the-art image quality for the next generation in DR across a range of applications.

Lead radiographer Miles Woodford said: “Image quality was the key factor but on top of that, the equipment is smaller, faster and quieter, which are important features that all go to improve services to patients.  Ease of use was another important criteria and meant that the equipment was easily adopted with minimal training for staff.”

See the full story on page 3 of the December 2014 issue of RAD Magazine.

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