Advances in 2D and 3D gynaecological ultrasound

Author(s): Mr Bill Smith

Hospital: Clinical Diagnostic Services

Reference: RAD Magazine, 42, 498, 23-26


Advances in ultrasound technology present the opportunity to adopt a degree of flexibility in terms of practical scanning applications as well as access to a range of associated imaging modalities. There is no doubt that greater utilisation of these individual elements combines to increase the diagnostic effectiveness of ultrasound examination. This particularly applies to ultrasound scanning in gynaecology and women’s healthcare

Developments in transducer design and function allow a choice in the approach to scanning the female pelvic organs and investigation of gynaecological disease. This involves a combination of transvaginal, transabdominal and transrectal techniques. A range of available imaging facilities include 2D and 3D (volumetric) functions as well as access to greyscale, colour Doppler and real-time elastography. The introduction of ultrasound procedures involving the use of contrast agents (eg hysterosonosalpingography and saline infusion sonohysterography) further enhance the diagnostic impact of ultrasound in this field of medicine.

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