An overview of cardiac magnetic resonance cinematography imaging in challenging scenarios

Author(s): Benny Lawton

Hospital: St Joseph's Hospital, Newport, Wales

Reference: RAD Magazine, 49, 573, 19


Cardiac magnetic resonance (CMR) imaging is a sub-speciality that presents many challenging scenarios, no matter your clinical background. For this reason, CMR is not only an incredibly interesting imaging modality to work in but also hugely rewarding. Since I began my journey in CMR some 16 years ago, I have witnessed the MRI scanner benefit from many magnificent technological advances to its hardware and software capabilities. These breakthroughs have directly benefited our patients by increasing diagnostic accuracy and providing a more pleasant and time efficient experience during their CMR examinations. However, the medical professionals who use the MRI scanner have also profited from the upgrades to our scanning platforms and the development of new imaging techniques. In this article I shall focus on cinematography (cine) imaging and how we can utilise this sequence to provide the best possible images and data in the most common challenging scenarios.

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