Cardiac CT acquisition in more complex patients – the role of the radiologist

Author(s): Dr Mark Kon

Hospital: Bradford Royal Infirmary

Reference: RAD Magazine, 42, 489, 15-16


As CT scanners are replaced across the country, radiologists are increasingly intrigued by the technological capabilities of even entry level 64 detector row CT scanners, in particular coronary CT angiography (CCTA).

Unlike most CT examinations that can be protocol driven and independently acquired by radiographers on an unsupervised list, cardiac CT sessions in the peripheral hospital will usually require the personal attention of the interested radiologist. The radiologist is required to learn a number of new skills and commit to being present during acquisition. In preparation, many radiologists read, attend courses and perhaps visit neighbouring departments to learn the basic principles involved in acquiring cardiac CT examinations, and naturally concentrate on imaging the average ‘standard’ or even ‘ideal’ patient.

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