Current trends and advances in ultrasound contrast studies of the fallopian tubes and uterine cavity – a review article

Author(s): Bill Smith, Nikki Stillwell

Hospital: Clincial Diagnostic Services

Reference: RAD Magazine, 46, 465, 11-12


Laparoscopy and hysteroscopy are universally accepted as the gold standards for examination of the fallopian tubes and uterine cavity respectively. Nevertheless current RCOG, HFEA and NICE guidelines promote ultrasound imaging modalities for first-line diagnostic testing in this respect. Hysterosonosalpingiography (HSS or HyCoSy) and saline infusion sonohysterography (SIS) evaluation of the tubes and uterine cavity are currently considered as separate entities. However, ongoing experience suggests that perhaps they should be routinely combined as part of fertility investigations. This article reviews practical elements of HSS/SIS procedures. It addresses some of the technical advances that might serve to aid the application and increase diagnostic effectiveness of ultrasound contrast studies in these key areas of reproductive medicine. The impact of modern 2D/3D transvaginal (TVS) ultrasound remains a crucial factor.

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