Image-guided intervention in sports medicine

Author(s): Dr Sarath Bethapudi

Hospital: County Durham and Darlington Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Reference: RAD Magazine, 41, 485, 16-18


Image-guided intervention in sports is used for management of both acute musculoskeletal injuries and chronic overuse pathology. One of the goals of providing interventional treatment in athletes is to facilitate quick and safe return to active sport. A decision to provide interventional therapy and the nature of intervention is based on multiple factors including level of sport, nature and timing of injury. For example, the main goal of treatment for an in-competition injury is essentially pain relief and symptom control to give the athlete the best chance of successfully competing in the competition. On the other hand, the focus of management of an off-season injury is to treat the underlying cause, through a planned rehabilitation programme involving physiotherapy with or without medical intervention. Decisions on management and treatment follow multidisciplinary team discussions with input from coaches, physiotherapists, sports physicians and radiologists involved in management
of the athlete’s injury.

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