Imaging in early pregnancy: Extending the normal boundaries of diagnosis

Author(s): Dr Anne Marie Coady

Hospital: Hull and East Yorkshire Women and Children's Hospital

Reference: RAD Magazine, 41, 478, 27-28


In the current climate it is inconceivable that we would consider managing any of the complications of early pregnancy without one ultrasound scan at the very least.

Any article about early pregnancy ultrasound could fill an entire textbook, so I would like to focus on three main topics that I believe illustrate how far we have come in diagnosis and management of the patient who presents in the first trimester with symptoms of possible early pregnancy failure:
1. The very early true intrauterine sac
2. The changing criteria for the diagnosis of early pregnancy failure
3. The low position of the true gestation sac and the potential for diagnosis of early placental attachment disorders in the first trimester.

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