MR-guided VMAT – a case of when not if?

Author(s): Steven Jackson, Dr Rob Chuter

Hospital: The Christie NHS Foundation Trust, University of Manchester

Reference: RAD Magazine, 46, 547, 23-24


MR-guided radiotherapy is now being delivered in tens of centres around the world, with clinicians, clinical scientists, researchers, engineers and dual-trained radiographers working collaboratively to share their growing experience. The potential advantage of doing so is clear: the radiotherapy treatment will be based on a real-time picture of patient anatomy at high spatial resolution, with soft tissue contrast superior to CT.

The first MR-guided radiotherapy treatment was delivered by the ViewRay MRIdian cobalt machine in January 2014. The machine delivers radiotherapy from three Cobalt-60 sources mounted on a moveable gantry embedded in a 0.35T Siemens MR system. The Elekta Unity delivered its first set of MR-guided patient treatments between May and July 2017. It comprises a 7MV linear flattening filter free (FFF) linear accelerator (linac) with a 1.5T superconducting Philips MR system. The ViewRay MRIdian linac machine, a 6MV FFF beam with 0.35T Siemens MR scanner, treated its first patients soon after.

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