New developments in digital breast tomosynthesis

Author(s): Dr Juliet Morel, Dr Rema Wasan

Hospital: King's College Hospital

Reference: RAD Magazine, 44, 517, 10-11


Breast cancer is one of the commonest cancers and the most common cancer in women in the UK. Through earlier diagnosis and improved treatment, a reduction in breast cancer mortality has been shown.

The earlier diagnosis of breast cancer in the UK is enabled by the National Health Service Breast Screening Programme (NHSBSP), which offers screening to all women over the age of 50. In the year 2016/17 the NHS breast screening programme screened 2.9 million women. For every thousand women screened approximately eight will be diagnosed with breast cancer.

Mammography is widely acknowledged as the most effective method of breast cancer screening for the detection of early breast cancer. However, it is also known that 15-30% of cancers are not detected on standard screening with mammography. The inherent low contrast differentiation between normal and abnormal structures within the breast and superimposition of tissue can mask abnormalities, limiting lesion detection.

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