PACS procurement

Author(s): Dr Neelam Dugar

Hospital: Doncaster and Bassetlaw Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Reference: RAD Magazine, 41, 479, 21-23


Despite the bad press over recent IT failures, many of us firmly believe changing IT systems such as PACS is critical for the NHS for many reasons.

Modern PACS systems:
a. Are built on modern platforms that are more agile, and faster
b. Have the ability to integrate with other IT systems using web-based standards (such as url) to provide an integrated view of patient records
c. Provide significant cost savings, due to the reducing price of technology
d. Take advantage of new technologies such as mobile device displays
e. Offer vendor neutral archive (VNA) for image life cycle management capabilities
f. Offer XDS registry and repository features, which allows PACS to move from a radiology image archive to an enterprise level image and document archive for all medical specialities (not just radiology).

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