Patient experience in PETCT

Author(s): Dr Chris Green, Dr David Little, Dr Richard Graham, Dr Stewart Redman

Hospital: Royal United Hospitals Bath NHS Foundation Trust

Reference: RAD Magazine, 45, 527, 13-14


Patient experience is recognised as a key marker of the quality of care and an essential component to study in any initiative to improve healthcare services. Seeking feedback from patients regarding their interaction with healthcare professionals and the hospital environment can provide unique insights, complementing the wealth of other data on hospital performance gathered by trusts and regulators. For example, The King’s Fund and Picker Institute Europe have analysed longitudinal inpatient survey data for acute trusts over a nine-year period (2005 to 2013) and found patient survey data is currently underutilised, both locally in guiding quality improvement and nationally on aggregated data to elucidate insights not observable at a local level.

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