Radiotherapy treatment planning

Author(s): Hayley James

Hospital: Ipswich Hospital NHS Trust

Reference: RAD Magazine, 41, 480, 29-30


In radical radiotherapy treatment we aim to accurately deliver a lethal dose of radiation to tumour cells while sparing any surrounding normal tissues. Radiotherapy treatment planning is the process undertaken to determine the most appropriate way to deliver the radiation in order to meet the clinical prescription.

Rapid advances in technology and computing, particularly in relation to imaging, beam modelling and dose calculation for treatment planning, and advances in our radiotherapy delivery systems, have led to significant advances in our ability to conform differing radiation dose levels to ever more complex target volumes, with more efficient sparing of the sensitive normal tissues and organs at risk. This in turn can lead to the possibility of dose escalation, a reduction in the toxicity associated with the radiotherapy treatment and
ultimately improved outcomes for patients.

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