Recent advances in PETCT technology

Author(s): Dr Ian Armstrong

Hospital: Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust

Reference: RAD Magazine, 44, 523, 27


PETCT plays a vital role in patient management, primarily in oncology using FDG, and there has been a wide expansion of PETCT provision throughout the UK. Demand for the service has increased year-on-year, and emerging tracers such as Ga-68 PSMA for prostate imaging and new non-oncology indications should continue to see the service expand. In 2016, an IPEM survey of UK PETCT practice illustrated the wide range of PET tracers and also imaging techniques in use. Tracers in routine use other than FDG included Ga-68 PSMA, Ga-68 Dotatate, sodium fluoride, N 13 ammonia and Rb-82. Respiratory gating was reportedly being used in just over 30% of sites and PET for radiotherapy planning in approximately 45% of sites. These new tracers may have different imaging requirements compared with FDG in oncology. For example histopathologically proven disease has been observed in prostate cancer pelvic lymph nodes smaller than 5mm in PSMA imaging and hence the true value of new tracers may be more fully realised as PET technology improves.

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