Sonographic assessment of solid breast masses

Author(s): Dr Shalini Wijesuriya, Dr Rumana Rahim, Dr Keshthra Satchithananda

Hospital: King's College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Reference: RAD Magazine, 45, 522, 12


Ultrasound has an established role in the evaluation of breast disease, both in the screening and symptomatic setting. It serves as a complementary modality to baseline mammography and forms an indispensable component of triple assessment. In the symptomatic setting, it is the primary imaging technique in women below the age of 40 years including those who are pregnant. It is therefore essential that assessing radiologists and radiographers have a clear knowledge of ultrasound technique and an understanding of the various characteristics that help distinguish benign from malignant disease. We present a brief overview of the approach taken and some of the morphological descriptors that can be used to aid characterisation of masses identified on breast ultrasound.

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