Sounding out a virus – using lung ultrasound to combat COVID-19

Author(s): Dr Joseph Daly, Dr Tomas Breslin, Dr Cian McDermott

Hospital: Mater Misericordiae University Hospital

Reference: RAD Magazine, 46, 546, 14-17


The current COVID-19 pandemic is causing diagnostic and risk stratification difficulties in emergency departments (ED) worldwide. The authors believe that lung ultrasound (LUS) can be of use in mitigating uncertainty in the undifferentiated patient with respiratory symptoms. The aim of this article is to provide guidance regarding the indications for LUS in patients with acute respiratory illness; to provide evidence and key points regarding LUS in patients with suspected COVID-19; to describe the typical sonographic abnormalities seen in patients with COVID-19; and to provide recommendations around the logistics of performing LUS on patients with COVID-19 and managing the infection control risk of the procedure.

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