The potential of AI to speed up chest diagnoses

Author(s): Dr Struan Wilkie, Dr Yuxuan Zhang, Dr Pavels Muranovs, Dr Kevin Philips

Hospital: Dr Gray's Hospital, Aberdeen Royal Infirmary

Reference: RAD Magazine, 49, 572, 23


The chest x-ray (CXR) is as old as x-rays themselves, and with modern techniques is fast and easy to perform. It is regarded as the most commonly performed radiographic examination and is statistically the most frequently requested imaging test in the UK.

In many patients it provides the earliest opportunity for diagnosing various pathologies of the chest, providing a cost-effective, rapid screening tool. It is usually recommended as the first radiological investigation for patients with, but not limited to, complaints of shortness of breath, new or persistent cough, chest pain or in chest trauma.

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