The role of nuclear medicine imaging in the diagnosis of hyperparathyroidism

Author(s): H Nizami, T Gruening, B Drake

Hospital: Derriford Hospital

Reference: RAD Magazine, 40, 471, 14-15


There are four parathyroid glands, two on each side, weighing around 20-40mg, located in the neck along the posterior aspect of the thyroid gland. Occasionally, there may be five or six parathyroid glands in the neck or an ectopic gland, located most commonly within the chest. The superior parathyroid glands are most commonly located on the postero-lateral aspect of the superior pole of the thyroid gland at the crico-thyroidal cartilage junction. The inferior parathyroid glands are more variable in location and are most commonly found near the lower pole of the thyroid.

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