You really can diagnose endometriosis on ultrasound

Author(s): Dr Susanne Johnson, Borsha Sarker

Hospital: Princess Anne Hospital, NIHR Leeds Biomedical Research Centre

Reference: RAD Magazine, 47, 558, 23-24


Endometriosis is such a common disease, it affects around 10% of all women. This condition results from the presence of endometrial-like tissue in an abnormal location, for example in the peritoneum (superficial endometriosis), in the uterine myometrium (adenomyosis), in the ovaries (ovarian endometrioma), in the ligaments and connective tissue behind the uterus (retro-cervical fibrosis), or in the bladder or bowel (nodules of deep endometriosis (DE)). Extra-pelvic endometriosis can also be found in the groin, in scars, the umbilicus or the diaphragm.

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