Clinical experience of MR-only radiotherapy for prostate cancer

Author(s): Jonathan Wyatt, Dr Rachel A Pearson, Rachel Pearson, Dr Hazel McCallum

Hospital: Northern Centre for Cancer Care, Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Reference: RAD Magazine, 47, 559, 21-22

Published in RAD Magazine: December 15, 2021

Fetal MRI: a practical guide

Author(s): Barbara Nugent, Dr Christina Malamateniou

Hospital: MRI Safety Matters, City, University of London

Reference: RAD Magazine, 47, 559, 13-16

Published in RAD Magazine: December 15, 2021

You really can diagnose endometriosis on ultrasound

Author(s): Dr Susanne Johnson, Borsha Sarker

Hospital: Princess Anne Hospital, NIHR Leeds Biomedical Research Centre

Reference: RAD Magazine, 47, 558, 23-24

Published in RAD Magazine: November 17, 2021

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