Acuson portfolio gains more transducers and AI-powered tools

Exhibiting at Ultrasound 2022 in Cardiff this year, Siemens Healthineers is showcasing a refreshed Acuson ultrasound portfolio. Designed to bring more clinical adaptability whilst addressing challenges across various applications, the Acuson family has seen the addition of 12 new transducers and the expansion of AI-powered tools to drive efficiency and consistency.

At the meeting in December, delegates at Ultrasound 2022 will have the opportunity to see the refreshed platform for themselves, with on-stand scanning with the Acuson Sequoia and members of the applications and sales teams from Siemens Healthineers on hand to discuss the innovative new features and applications.

Updates to Acuson Sequoia 2.0 expand clinical excellence with new transducers to provide a clearer, deeper perspective in addition to innovations including a new 3D/4D volume transducer, AutoDoppler, new transducers for automated point shear-wave elastography and Ultrasound Derived Fat Fraction (UDFF) and next-generation breast shear-wave elastography.

Acuson Redwood 2.0 makes early diagnosis more affordable and accessible with 3D/4D imaging for obstetrics and gynaecology, AI-powered tools and transducers optimised for MSK. Acuson Juniper 2.0 benefits from integrated battery support with up to 75 minutes of unplugged scanning and an all-in-one transducer redefining versatility in clinical imaging, and Acuson P500 3.0 sees the addition of new transducers to expand clinical flexibility at the bedside.

The Acuson ultrasound portfolio offers versatile solutions across the full range of clinical applications, with the refreshed systems optimised for use in both clinical and research settings – offering a wide variety of solutions to expand access to care.

Picture: Find out more about the Acuson ultrasound portfolio from Siemens Healthineers on stand 20 at BMUS Ultrasound 2022.

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