St James’ Logiq E9 targets tumours in Leeds

Pictured at the handover of a GE Healthcare Logiq E9 to the ultrasound department in the new Bexley Wing of St James’ University Hospital, Leeds, are from left, GE Healthcare ultrasound specialist John Rimmer, consultant radiologist Dr Tze Wah, GE clinical applications specialist Angela Spink, secretary and co-ordinator for the hospital’s tumour ablation programme Janette Bambrook and programme clinical specialist nurse Balbir Bhambra.


The system was acquired by St James’ through HTI Ltd as part of a PFI arrangement.


Dr Wah said: “This equipment has advanced technology that provides contrast enhanced examination and multi-planar imaging as well as fusion imaging to improve diagnostic accuracy.”


See the full report on page 36 of the May 2011 issue of RAD Magazine.

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