Staff are impressed with versatile x-ray room

Pictured in the new x-ray room are lecturers Steve Boynes, Gary Culpan, Ed Cadogan, CPD administrater Jyoti Maisuria and lecturers Terry Lodge and Andy Scally.

Wolverson X-ray has replaced an older model of an x-ray room at Bradford School of Radiography that served the university for many years.  “All the staff are impressed with the versatility of the equipment,” said senior lecturer Steve Boynes.   “Wolverson have been very responsive to requests from the division throughout the installation and commissioning stages.


 “We are all delighted with the x-ray unit which is easy to use and allows the students to gain valuable hands-on experience in a controlled environment.”

See this report on the back page of the 2012 issue of RAD Magazine.

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