Suffolk Discovery revitalised by upgrade

Pictured at the BMI St Edmunds Hospital following a recent upgrade to an Hologic Discovery DXA system, installed and serviced by Vertec Scientific, are (from left) DXA technician Rachel Rolfe, imaging manager and AMM partner Joanne Horrocks, senior radiographer Lucy Jeal and Vertec product sales specialist Bill Reid.


The DXA service at the hospital is supplied by Anglian Medical MusculoSkeletal, a business partnership between Mrs Horrocks and consultant rheumatologist Dr David O’Reilly.  They acquired an upgraded Hologic Discovery whole body scanner from Vertec to not only maintain a service to BMI and the local NHS but to develop it further by introducing vertebral assessment and whole body composition.


Mrs Horrocks comments: “The recent upgrade from a DOS-based to a Windows-based system has brought us a much more user friendly system where images can be dragged and manipulated more easily, speeding up analysis enormously.


“Our reporting rheumatologist is very impressed by the Physician’s Viewer, which has allowed us to dispense with old fashioned dictation and typing methods. The upgrade also brings us the opportunity to connect to the hospital network, email and PACS.”


See the full report on page 8 of the November 2010 issue of RAD Magazine.

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