Sunderland upgrades Aplio systems

At Sunderland Royal Hospital are Toshiba Medical Systems applications specialist Tracey Bellas, sonographer Jayne Richardson, cross sectional imaging services manager Kathleen Lavell and (seated) sonographer Louise Goodrich.


Two Toshiba Aplio XG’s have replaced older Aplio systems in the radiology department at Sunderland Royal Hospital.  The hospital also purchased a Toshiba Nemio XG and two Famio systems for obstetrics.  


Cross sectional imaging services manager Kathleen Lavell said: “We are very happy with our new systems.  They are very reliable and we have received excellent backup from Toshiba, both in terms of clinical applications support and service support.”


See the full report on page 22 of the September 2011 issue of RAD Magazine.

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