Taking the mystery out of ultrasound quality assurance with jargon-free training promotes safe scanning

Multi-Medix was formed with a principal aim – to increase the uptake of ultrasound quality assurance (QA) for the safety of patients. The company offers a range of independent services to enable organisations to implement robust ultrasound QA programmes, helping to ensure optimum image quality and patient safety. Its services comply with the required ultrasound QA guidance from BMUS, IPEM and SCoR.

“A key tenet to our organisation’s success is research; Multi-Medix continues to publish research into ultrasound QA,” the company states. “Our latest work will be presented at the BMUS conference. In addition, many of you will already be familiar with the Diagnostic Ultrasound QA Manual which the team developed three years ago.” The publication is available to download from the Multi-Medix QA Knowledge Portal on the company’s website.

Although research underpins the organisation, Multi-Medix says a measure of its success is the growing interest in ultrasound QA practises. “Multi-Medix staff take the mystery out of ultrasound QA so you can carry on scanning safely. Our friendly staff offer jargon free training and easy-to-implement processes that become habit.”

Join Multi-Medix for an interactive training session on the Multi-Medix Ultrasound Probe Test Tool at the BMUS conference. Developed by the  research team, staff will demonstrate how the tool supports QA programmes through a fast and easy probe test.

Make 2023 a quality (assurance) year: come to stand 17 at BMUS conference to receive a Multi-Medix QA Probe Test Tool and find out more about QA services.

Picture: Multi-Medix has published its own QA manual.

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