The England team Logiq

In the changing rooms at Wembley Stadium are FA team doctor Dr Ian with a Logiq e scanner and GE Healthcare’s ultrasound sales specialist Jay Odedra.


Since joining from Arsenal in December 2009, Dr Ian Beasley has been the senior men’s team doctor and head of England Medical Services for the Football Association, based at Wembley Stadium.


As such, he is responsible for the entire international squad.


The FA takes a lead role in ensuring that those involved in the game benefit from the latest advances in the treatment and prevention of sports injuries as well as the development of youth and adult players and Dr Beasley uses ultrasound frequently, complemented by other imaging modalities.


Of ultrasound, Dr Beasley comments: “It is very valuable for a fast and accurate picture.  Anywhere the team travels I can do a thorough check – at any time – of the current state of any potential problem and I can keep the scans conveniently on a memory stick if I need to check back.


“The England team is composed of players whose continued good health is vital to the success of their clubs, so I make sure no one plays if there is any risk.”


See this report on page 35 of the January 2011 issue of RAD Magazine.

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