The Royal Orthopaedic Hospital is a double winner

The radiography team at The Royal Orthopaedic Hospital, Birmingham, has won two categories at the Radiology Awards 2023: the Radiology Fellowship of the Year and the Best NHS Trust for Delivering Radiology Services. Hosted by JCA Medical Seminars, the annual awards recognise excellence and achievement in radiography worldwide.

Head of imaging at The Royal Orthopaedic Hospital Sandra Millward commented: “The team is so thrilled to be recognised in the Radiology Awards 2023. As a department we work as hard as we can for our patients and it’s wonderful for this hard work to be recognised internationally.”

The hospital facilitates two fellowships every year, supporting continued learning in diagnostic radiology. During their time at the trust, fellows are exposed to the nuances of MSK radiology, with hands-on experience of diagnosing sarcomas, supporting interventional cases, taking part in multidisciplinary teams and learning about complex procedures such as cryotherapy. The consultant team supporting this includes Dr Rajesh Botchu, Dr Christine Azzopardi, Dr Mark Davies, Dr Stephen James, Dr Jennifer Murphy and Dr Anish Patel.

The team was also recognised for continuing to deliver services during COVID-19 and its involvement in interventional MSK radiology research and innovation. A group approach and longer hours enabled the team to avoid a large backlog and so was able to get up and running to support services as they came back following the pandemic. In interventional MSK radiology, the team performs complex procedures including cryotherapy, vertebroplasty, sarcoplasty, cementoplasty and RFA, and has published more than 80 papers in the last year.

Published on page 14 of the February 2024 issue of RAD Magazine.

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