Three Shires adds capacity for extremity scanning

BMI Three Shires Hospital, Cliftonville, has acquired a new Logiq E10 ultrasound system from GE Healthcare. The Logiq E10 provides tools designed to give the hospital’s radiologists confidence in their diagnostic decisions and allow them to obtain detailed scanning of small extremities such as fingers and toes, due to the additional specialist probe. Based on GE’s cSound architecture platform, it acquires and reconstructs data in a similar manner to an MRI or CT system.

Senior radiographer Atila Petrik said: “Logiq E10 reconstructs data in a similar manner to an MRI or CT system, allowing 10 times the processing power of previous systems and 48 times the data. It is leading the digital transformation in ultrasound, helping us to make a difference in the lives of our patients, from head to toe, no matter their age or body habitus.”

Picture: Senior radiographer Atila Petrik is pictured (right) with imaging lead administrator Jo Judge.

Published on page 17 of the June 2021 issue of RAD Magazine.

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