Toshiba update imagers

Shown here at a recent workshop organised by Toshiba Medical Systems are from left, CT applications specialist, Toshiba Medical Systems UK Craig Hagenmaier, PACS and projects manager, Medway Hospital Mike Beech, managing director, Toshiba Medical Systems UK Matthew Stork,   consultant radiologist, Medway Hospital Dr Z Bosnac, consultant radiologist, Medway Hospital Dr P Bilagi, general manager, CTMRI/XRAY/PACS, Toshiba Medical Systems UK Mark Hitchman and CT applications specialist Toshiba Medical Systems UK Mark Thomas.


A workshop at Toshiba’s head office in Crawley on the Vitrea 2 workstation was attended by radiologists and radiographers from three hospitals in the south east, Medway Maritime, Worthing and East Surrey.


The Toshiba CT applications team gave attendees advanced training on specialist software packages to include general oncology reporting, automated vascular measurement, lung nodule analysis, virtual colonography, advanced vascular analysis and brain perfusion.


The course provided a thorough understanding of the latest software offered by Vital Images Inc in conjunction with Toshiba.


Toshiba customers are also entitled to use the on-line training system Vital U that provides users with unlimited continuing training facilities and interactive e-learning.


A full report will be published on page 25 of the February issue of RAD Magazine.

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