Training day at Huddersfield

With Toshiba’s Karen Michaels (third from left) are ultrasound helper Becky Fawcet, advanced practitioners in ultrasound Helen Petherick, Janet Royston, Kate Grayson, Zoe Wystawnoha, James Robson, Rachael Brass, Catherine Groom, Karen Standen and Lynn Sibley with (far right) service lead ultrasound Karen Chan.


Huddersfield Royal Infirmary has installed two Toshiba Aplio MX premium ultrasound systems for obstetric scanning.


Pictured above are sonographers at a system training event, which included hands-on 4D tuition on both transvaginal and fetal face applications. Departmental head and lead sonographer Karen Chan said, “The systems were chosen after clinical evaluation because of their excellent image quality and ergonomics.” 


The Aplio MX is approximately thirty percent lighter than traditional cart-based systems and has a 19-inch flexible monitor with customisable keyboard. Its iAssist Workflow Navigation feature simplifies complex examinations through user-definable protocols and macro-driven operation of the system.


The Aplio MX is Toshiba’s first diagnostic ultrasound system to have been awarded the ECP mark for outstanding environmentally-friendly product design.  Stuart Mills says: “With the introduction of the Aplio MX we have reached another milestone in minimising environmental impact of our products throughout their entire lifecycle.”


See the full report on page 22 of the October 2010 issue of RAD Magazine.

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